Organic Housekeepers, cleaning with a conscience, saving the earth one tub at a time.

It's the OH Green Team (like the A-Team in recycled cotton T-shirts)
We are constantly thinking about cool things to do to improve the environmental sustainability of Organic Housekeepers (and the world). So we formed an OH Green Team, comprised of owners, management and housekeepers. Ok, pretty much everyone is required to be on the OH Green Team. As a team, we work to make those lofty eco dreams come true. Here are a couple of goals and projects in progress.

Solar energy
We are currently researching the installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) on our Eagle-Vail office. Both systems will harness the sun’s energy, thermal to heat all the water for our laundry facility and PV to generate our office’s electricity.

Bike to work
In the summer, we encourage employees to ride their bikes to work. Whoever rides the most, earns cash.

Green reading
Employees that read a book on sustainable living and write a report earn cash. Organic Housekeepers fosters lifelong learning.

Compost is soooo hot right now
We are working on a “pilot” composting program for select clients. Organic Housekeepers will collect kitchen scraps and compost back at our Eagle-Vail office using a tumbler. When thrown in the landfill, organic materials suffocate and go through a slow anaerobic decomposition, or composting without oxygen, and create methane, a greenhouse gas. When composted, food scraps create “gold for gardeners.”

Growing locavores
A dream of owner Cassie Pence is to offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership as a benefit for employees. She’s currently working on a viable CSA benefit.


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